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Tucked in historic Taksim, a leisure destination deemed the heart of Istanbul, lies Kerim Çarmıklı Designs. The boutique interior design firm specializes in custom furniture and creating spaces that are the height of modern luxury and timeless sophistication.

Kerim Çarmıklı Designs strives to dismantle the belief interior design is limited to decorations and furniture pairings. The firm’s philosophy is simple: whether furnished or unfurnished, a space should be beautiful. Kerim Çarmıklı Design’s distinct style and approach is to transform spaces by highlighting their architectural details. The result: spaces which hold their own as standalone pieces of artistry.

Drawing inspiration from the political and cultural transformations of Turkey as well as global influences, the firm has crafted an aesthetic of exclusivity and provocative simplicity for the discerning client. To enter a space created by Kerim Çarmıklı Designs is to be transported to a place that is both effortlessly luxurious and refreshingly contemporary. Clean lines and carefully curated extravagance are gracefully molded into spaces which celebrate the synergy of the firm’s aesthetic and the uniqueness of each hand selected client.

Kerim Çarmıklı Designs is renowned for their ability to incorporate client preferences and needs into each project while maintaining the firm’s signature style. Each project begins with a painstaking assessment of the space which is then developed into a modern, unapologetically customized sanctuary.

The firm’s clientele hail from across the globe. Kerim Çarmıklı Designs caters to individuals and corporate entities seeking an exclusive touch of timeless luxury for both residential and commercial projects.


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