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Forex Trading

What is Forex Trading? Forex Trading For Beginners FXTM

Historically, these pairs were converted first into USD and then into the desired currency – but are now offered for direct exchange. A short position refers to a trader who...

5 December 2023

Liquid vs Illiquid Assets

But, like most things in investing, there are pros and cons to liquid assets. Smartland was founded in 2008 and over the years has grown into a fully integrated value-add...

30 August 2023

Fiat vs Representative Money: What’s the Difference?

With a fiat currency, the money supply can be increased far more easily as demand increases, helping to stabilize a currency’s spending power and preventing deflation, or the falling price...

15 August 2023

Price Earnings Ratio Formula, Examples and Guide to P E Ratio

It’s not easy to conclude whether a stock with a P/E of 10x is a bargain or a P/E of 50x is expensive without performing any comparisons. A P/E ratio...

24 January 2023

What is Commodity Trading & How to Trade Commodities?

It is in these two cities that the international prices of many primary products are determined. Although New York often has the bigger market, many producers prefer the London market...

3 August 2022

Trading Hours: When Does The Stock Market Open and Close?

For one, you can only place limit orders during this time, which means you would either buy or sell a stock at a limited designated price. A stock exchange is...

15 February 2022

A Complete Guide to ATR Indicator

The first 14-day ATR value (0.56) was calculated by finding the average of the first 14 True Range values (blue cell). The spreadsheet values correspond with the yellow area on...

21 June 2021
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