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The Health Benefits of Working Remotely

24 December 2021
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The benefits of asynchronous work have also helped us prioritize self-care and mental health. We have been able to spend more time outdoors, get more exercise, find time to relax, and eat a healthier diet, thanks to more flexibility for meal planning. We have saved money and gained at least 2 hours each day by removing lengthy round-trip commutes. We have been far more productive and have attended more online professional development than we could have in person. Technological advancements allow for remote meetings, and we have found that the recording of these meetings also increases control, flexibility, and productivity. In some instances, online webinars, workshops, and meetings allow for multitasking such as cooking dinner and tuning in at the same time.

One way to make your dream a reality and still make a living is to work from home. Remote work is good for achieving work-life harmony—but not only that, working from home can have significant mental health benefits as well. Of the Canadians reporting less productivity, 20% cited the additional burden of care responsibilities (for children or elderly parents) as the main reason (Mehdi & Morissette, 2021). This is primarily a pandemic effect, given that the children of working parents would typically be in school or daycare for at least part of the work week.

Reduced absenteeism

This gives them a better chance of finding the best possible candidates for the job, thus improving the workforce quality. If you want easy recruiting from a global pool of skilled candidates, we’re here to help. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and prepared for impactful careers in tech. A. Bowling (Eds), Essentials how companies benefit when employees work remotely of job attitudes and other workplace psychological constructs (pp. 207–241). The .gov means it’s official.A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. If you want to avoid high fees and start getting paid immediately, a Wise Business account can help you as a remote worker.

health benefits of working remotely

Moreover, young people working in more progressive organizations are already into remote working from different parts of the world, using Airbnbs and more specialized work-life abodes. Someone who’s feeling down for personal reasons can take the space they need without missing work. A commuter who lives far from the office can stay home when traffic is bad, or simply when they don’t have the energy for a long commute. Jetha, the Institute of Work and Health researcher, says that by implementing universal accessibility principles, like remote work options for all employees, employers help eliminate the need for individuals to disclose private diagnoses. This essential accommodation request “was also one of the most unmet needs” by employers, Jetha says. This guide has been developed for people professionals who want to maximise the benefits of flexible working within their organisations, incorporating flexibility into people plans, strategy, and their employee value proposition.

The Psychological Challenges Of Remote Work

One way that employers can try to combat this is by optimizing work-tracking software that helps employees stay on track as well as offers them insight into how long they have been working so that they clock out on time. Instead of benching on employees learning when to close the computer and turn their attention to family time and self-care, industry leaders should set an example rather than taking advantage of the current not fixed timetable. Even as remote working seemingly leaves room for slacking, many employees working from home find it difficult to break away from work at the end of the day. Unlike working in an office where the end of the workday is heralded by closing your computer and going home, remote working often leads to employees working more hours than a normal working day. As it happens, on average, remote employees in the pandemic are working 26 extra hours every month, amounting to almost one extra day every week, according to the Owl Labs survey.

health benefits of working remotely

Help coworking spaces join the premium network and we’ll add 3 day credits to your account at no cost. Credits are only added after the referred space successfully joins the network as an official partner. Even your lunch break becomes more dynamic when you’re a telecommuter. At the office, a midday shower isn’t an option, so a cardio workout is out of the question. But at home, you can head to the gym for a training session, shower, and still be back at your desk within the hour allotted. When working remotely, your entire kitchen and fridge are at your disposal.

Improved Inclusivity

Remote work can make managing job duties and other competing obligations less stressful with the understanding that employees are people, first and foremost. They should make you feel welcome no matter who you are or where you are from. If you speak another language, you can find a provider who speaks your language or use a translator. Learn how to use telehealth to connect virtually with your health care provider. Digital nomads are fully remote workers with freedom to travel as they like. As they are employed, remote employees are entitled to statutory employee benefits.

  • Virtual work has never been more connected than it is today, with collaboration and communication apps helping to keep far-flung employees in touch.
  • The fact is, being able to work remotely depends significantly on a blend of sectors of employment, occupation and activity.
  • In contrast to remote workers, hybrid workers need to go to their company’s office for part of the week.
  • Once you’re up and running, you can manage 40+ currencies all in one place.
  • For that reason, they usually live close to the office rather than in another country.

In today’s global economy, virtual teams can be distributed across different offices or departments in a single organization or they can span time zones, industries and national borders. Greater physical distances can present logistical concerns when tasks require real-time communication—for instance, during a military operation. In addition, cultural differences, such as how direct eye contact is perceived, influence the way people interact. The pandemic made clear that for people who work in an office setting, most of our jobs can be done just fine from home. Companies that want to support all employees, not just those who fit a narrow mold, may realize that remote work policies have the capacity to make a happier, more productive workforce.

By adopting remote-friendly policies, you can empower employees to perform work whenever it’s best for their schedule and preferences. Many workers view telecommuting as a job perk, with more than half seeking the arrangement as a way to improve work-life balance. People choose to work remotely to avoid daily commutes, reduce workplace distractions and fulfill family care responsibilities (Owl Labs State of Remote Work, 2017). In other cases, an organization may require its employees to work from home, for instance, if a branch office is shut down. According to a University of Minnesota and MIT Sloan School of Management study, flexible work lowers burnout and stress while job satisfaction increases. Takeaways from the study also include that participants had less psychological stress and more time to spend with their family and spouses.

  • Remote work supports a variety of sustainability initiatives, from economic growth and reduced inequalities, to sustainable cities, climate change, and responsible consumption.
  • While some heralded the development as a net positive for employers and employees alike, others were less convinced.
  • Select a program, get paired with an expert mentor and tutor, and become a job-ready designer, developer, or analyst from scratch, or your money back.
  • They always need to find their next client and receive no employee benefits.
  • Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working from home, as well as how employers can improve the issues surrounding remote work for their employees.
  • This is just one way that the daily office environment made my career difficult to navigate.

The company has collaborated with psychologists at Cornell University, including Bell, to proactively address issues such as employee isolation, and has seen rewards including reduced real estate costs and better talent retention. But even in white-collar office positions, the disability disclosures that many employers require for even the most basic accommodations can present roadblocks. It also gives workers the flexibility to get to doctor’s and other healthcare appointments when needed. If you work in a traditional office setting, you may look longingly out the window while you daydream of being home.

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